Double the Earl, Double the Fun | Ilford HP 5 Plus 400 | Nikon L35 AF

Mont-Royal Tobogganing & Parc Jeanne Mance Cross-Country Skiing | Lomography Earl Grey 100 | Canon A1

Snow Day | Rollei Superpan 200 | Canon A1

Experiments | Expired Ilford HP5 | Jiffy Kodak Six-20

Wife likes vintage cameras. There are a few kicking around on our shelves as decoration. They look great. The fun part is that a few of them are semi-functional… mostly. I found this Jiffy Kodak Six-20 the other day on one of those shelves and thought I’d see how it does with a 20-year-old pack of expired Ilford HP5. For the most part, I didn’t keep the shutter open long enough. For this one, though, I managed to get a super-creepy portrait with a couple of faces that creates a real mood. I will definitely be trying out some more shots with this camera!

Portraits | Expired Kodak Gold 1000 | Canon A1

This is only the second roll of expired film that I’ve shot, but I really love the results. Knowing it was a complete crapshoot made it a lot easier to just fire away with no expectation of the results. The “mugshot” photo gratefully leaves out a lot of detail. I was, however, able to capture a couple of really great shots of Wife with slightly different lighting that I think capture her really well.