Bar le Sparrow and Lucky Ho | Canon A1 | Berlin 400

Here are some shots from July at two of my favourite places to be in the Mile End.  

Silence | Canon A1 | Fuji Superia 400

I was digging through some old photos that I haven’t published yet. This one jumped right up at me and smacked me in the face. I’ll let the image speak for itself.

Regulars | Canon A1 | Lomography Earl Grey 100

This was probably the wrong film for the light in most of these shots – I could have used a lot more light. It’s my first roll of Lomography Earl Grey 100. Nevertheless, I quite like the way they turned out. The development went well, the blurry shots are interesting, and the ones that are really good are the ones with the best people…

Parc Jeanne Mance Bleachers All Stars | Canon A1 | Berlin Kino 400

I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do right now, but I do really love that there’s softball in Parc Jeanne Mance. Of course, the best part of any evening in PJM is the amazing group of people who come out to see the games. Here are a few Parc Jeanne Mance bleachers all stars.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig | Canon A1 | Kentmere 400

Well gosh, I’d forgotten all about this roll of Kentmere 400 B&W film. Most of it comes from an afternoon out walking with a photographer friend in June–the rest is from at home, and home away from home. I really like the way this roll turned out. I think I’m getting a lot closer to finding contrast and definition in the development process. I’m…