Found more pics from Havana | Minolta Hi-matic AF2 | Kodak Gold 200

Developed a couple of rolls this evening and found that I had a few pictures from Havana left that hadn’t been developed. The roll was still in the camera and didn’t go to the lab with the rest, so it was a nice surprise to see these. They are in no way noteworthy. There’s nothing special about them other than some great memories. The…

First time developing colour film | Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 | 38mm f2.8 | Ektar 100

There were only a couple of shots that I found particularly interesting on this roll, but I did shoot it quickly with the thought that I wanted to try developing with C-41 chems asap. That said, there are some nice captures of the Mile End the way it is right now. Hitting the temperature  for the developer was a lot easier than I expected….