A Little Toronto, A Little Mile End | Canon A1 | Berlin Kino 400 + Pan F 50

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve got some really nice shots, I think. A quick trip to Toronto to visit Daughter and her fella, and then back in the Mile End trouncing around, taking pics of everyone and everything. I didn’t feel like putting up separate posts for each different roll of film, so here they are, all scrunched together. The grainy ones are Berlin, the more clear ones are probably Pan F.

As I started developing these, I walked away to do something quickly and just forgot that I was developing film. So they went a lot longer than they should have without being agitated, but it seems as though they turned out quite nicely despite that. I really like the contrast I got in the pics from everyone’s favourite bakery, Cocoa Locale, and the little puppy in the park looks really lovely. Wish I could find those folks who were training the puppy that day and give them this pic.


The Best of Wednesday Night Pickup Softball at Parc Jeanne Mance | Canon A1 | Berlin Kino 400

Some shots with Berlin 400 by Lomography. From their website:

Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Berlin in the 1960s, our original Berlin Kino Film emulsion was an utter blockbuster. However, as German cinema evolved through time, adapting to meet the innovatory spirit of its founding fathers, so did our film formula. Refined and brimming with greater artistic control, the Berlin Kino B&W 400 2019 Formula will allow you to capture moments of your life in an eternalized enchanting monochrome.

Looking forward to shooting more with this film. Lots to enjoy here.

An Innugiatingly Cute Baby | Mamiya M645 | TriX 400

Took some shots of a new baby in the family on St Jean Baptiste, and then kind of burned through the rest of the roll out in front of our house so it would be finished. Was champing at the bit to get this roll developed so I could see the shots of this delightful little human.

A little lesson I learned developing this roll. I used that Ansel Adams method (HC 110 dilution G [1:119] @18 minutes) and found that the shots with a lot of denseness were not served well by developing this method. The shots in the parc, however, turned out wonderfully. Will keep that in mind.

Black Lives Matter/George Floyd Protests Montreal Part 2 | Canon A1 | Kentmere 400

Black Lives Matter/George Floyd Protests Montreal Part 1 | Canon A1 | PanF+ 50

The only comment I’ll make about the logistics of these pics is that I developed the Pan F+ for 18 minutes at Dilution G in the Ansel Adams style to attempt to get more contrast and fewer highlights (HC 110).

This was a pretty remarkable day and I’m very glad that I was there for it. The protests were peaceful. The stories were chilling and heart-wrenching, and the messages were powerful.

This is part 1 of several to come.