Black Lives Matter/George Floyd Protests Montreal Part 1 | Canon A1 | PanF+ 50

The only comment I’ll make about the logistics of these pics is that I developed the Pan F+ for 18 minutes at Dilution G in the Ansel Adams style to attempt to get more contrast and fewer highlights (HC 110).

This was a pretty remarkable day and I’m very glad that I was there for it. The protests were peaceful. The stories were chilling and heart-wrenching, and the messages were powerful.

This is part 1 of several to come.

Strollin’ with Mo on the Plateau | Canon A1 | Holga 400

I got a chance to get out and stretch my legs with another friend who takes pictures this evening, and so glad I did. He showed me a couple of spots where there were just so many photo opportunities that when my roll was done I said, “There’s no way I’ve just shot 24 pictures.”

As it turns out, I had, in fact, shot 24 pictures.

I thought I’d try out this Holga film, and I’m glad I did. There’s a LOT of grain in these shots, and the film really captured some depth of contrast that I don’t usually manage to get. I like these shots. And I’ll be back there for more.



Around the Plateau | Mamiya M645 | Ektar 100

These are pics from the first two rolls of color I shot with my medium format Mamiya. It was really just a test roll to see what it looks like, but after seeing the capabilities of this film in medium format, I’ll definitely be getting another few packs of this film. I was shooting with a 210mm lens when I took these, which is both challenging and rewarding. Seems like I got the best out of it in soft light with shadows.

These were take a couple of months ago so you’ll notice that they are similar subjects to past posts.

The Mile End’s Best Feature Is Its People | Canon A1 | Kentmere Pan 400

A World in Isolation Project

Earlier this year, I learned about a project where two people each shoot one roll of film. It was all put together by some very clever person or people at The person I got connected with agreed that each of us would shoot a roll and send to the other. He shot black and white and sent to me, I shot colour and sent to him.

Because he’s in the US, it took a while for it to get through the postal system, but it finally arrived, and I shot a roll over his pictures.

And I screwed up a bit. I thought I was shooting in aperture priority for most of this roll. Turns out my aperture was basically closed, as I had not moved it over into the lock position. So a bunch of the pics from the roll of 26 were not double exposed. I feel awful about that. I also have a pit in my stomach thinking about the last two rolls I shot, wondering if they were also not exposed. But I’ll face that disappointment when it comes.

For now, here are the shots that did get exposed by both of us. I think there are some absolutely lovely shots in here. Enjoy.