First time developing colour film | Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 | 38mm f2.8 | Ektar 100

There were only a couple of shots that I found particularly interesting on this roll, but I did shoot it quickly with the thought that I wanted to try developing with C-41 chems asap. That said, there are some nice captures of the Mile End the way it is right now.

Hitting the temperature  for the developer was a lot easier than I expected. In fact I hit 39 degrees C on the first try after putting the chem bottles in a warm water bath. I did end up with some streaks on a few and, still, a lot more dust on the negatives than I’d like. Thank goodness for that healing tool in Lightroom. These are mostly raw with no fixes, except for a couple.

I had been avoiding developing colour as the fella behind the counter at Photo St Denis told me I would be wasting my time and nothing would turn out. Glad I didn’t listen. Now to develop the many rolls I have in backlog and hope they turn out as well.



Mamiya M645 1000s | Ilford HP5 | Social Distancing Photoshoot + Portraits


Nick Cave, Nipper, black panther | Mamiya M645 1000s | Kodak Tri-X 400

Canon A1 | Ilford PanF+ 50

First roll with Ilford PanF+ 50. Added the last three images as examples of how badly this film needs light. A LOT of light. Developed with HC-110 dilution B in a Paterson tank at 4min30s. The prescribed time is 4 minutes, but I thought I’d see what a little more time would do. Seems to have turned out well with some really great contrasts. All images are unedited.

I think I didn’t use enough wetting agent at the end as I ended up with quite a few water spots on the film.



Olympus is3-DLX | Fuji Superia 400